LYC Racing

The Leland Yacht Club is rich in the tradition of racing. There was a great resurgence of competitive racing after the end of World War II. Over the years, there have been strong fleets of Snipes, National One Designs, Lightnings, 470's, Sunfish, Butterflies, and Lasers.

We have Laser races starting at 2pm Wednesday and 2pm Saturday (you should arrive about an hour in advance), and also “B Fleet” races starting at 2pm Wednesday and 2 pm Saturday. “B Fleet” includes any other sailboat you wish to bring. Although Sunfish and Butterflies have been the most common recently, we’ve had FJs, Zumas, Flying Scots, and Lightnings, and we welcome other classes too. B-Fleet races are timed and handicapped by type of boat to keep things even.

Need a boat? You can sign up to borrow an LYC Butterfly or FJ for any B-Fleet race. Sign-up sheets are posted outside the Clubhouse. All boats should be available, and we allow a two-person wait list. On Saturday, if you do not come to rig your boat by the Skippers Meeting, it will be available to other sailors.

Currently, we also hold Laser and Sunfish regattas once each summer. Please refer to the calendar tab for dates and times of the fleet regattas.

Our Racing Instructions sets out the times, courses, rules, and scoring for both the Laser and B-Fleet series races. You can link to it here.

Phil Dutton, B-Fleet Captain duttonpk@gmail.com
Sara Makielski, Laser Fleet Captain sjmakielski@hotmail.com

Racing Instructions