Leland Yacht Club Newsletter Sailing School News - February 19, 2023

Dear Sailing School Parents and Sponsors:

This is a special newsletter to the parents and sponsors who paid for sailing school students in 2022.  Over the winter, the LYC board has been working with our website crew to help improve our operations for 2023.

This year we will be able to take reservations for sailing school classes through our own web site.  We have provided some detailed instructions and guidance below to help with the transition to our new features.

As we have for the past 3 years, we are asking each parent/sponsor to pre-enroll their students for the summer classes so we can plan for the staff needed for the various sessions.

This year you can enroll for the entire summer - no more Monday morning the week-of! However, we do ask that you pay for the classes at the time of registration. Cancellation is easy if plans change.

We hope this new feature will be helpful for you as a parent/sponsor for enrolling sailing school students for 2023.

Kindest regards,

Kathy Draper

Instructions for parents/sponsors for LYC Sailing School

Parent / Sponsor - this is the member who is responsible for the student being enrolled. This responsibility will include the payment of all class fees incurred by the student attendance.

Parent /Sponsor Registration - each member who wants to sponsor a student needs to register by accepting and acknowledging the LYC Sailing School Waiver, reviewing and approving your summer contact information and providing the name and phone number for an emergency contact.

Student enrollment - the parent/sponsor will choose students from the past year to enroll in the current year program. If one of those students will not be attending classes, you can Un-Adopt the student and that student will be removed from your list of enrolled students. Prior to enrolling your students you will be required to review and update the student record with the correct date of birth, the email and/or phone number for the student and any comments you wish to make.

Class Reservations - after you have enrolled your students, you can move on to the last section to make class reservations.  You will be presented with the list of all your students and will be able to select as many Level 1 or Level 2 courses as you like. 

So, how do you proceed?

1. If you are already a member, login to the LYC website https://lelandyachtclub.com/ through the members tab on the top right of the home page. If you are not a member of LYC, you can easily use our online registration page to become one for only $75. If you want to pay higher rates for sailing school ($45 per class rather than $30 per class), there is an option at the end of the online form where you can select to register as a Non-Member and receive limited access to the website so you can register for sailing school.

2. Pay your dues for 2023. Only members who have paid their current dues can register and enroll students, unless you choose to be a Non-Member.

3. Once you have paid your dues, navigate to our new registration page using the link Sailing School Registration / Class Reservations on the members landing page. Non-members will need to login to the site also and navigate to the Sailing School Registration / Class Reservations on the landing page.

4. Complete the first Parent / Sponsor Registration section - be sure to do all three steps - acknowledge the waiver, verify your contact information, provide an emergency contact.

5. Complete the second section for Student Enrollment. You will see a list of students you paid for last summer, there is also a place to put in the name of a new student. When you enter the name for a new student, we will check our entire roster of students to see if the student has enrolled previously. If the name is found, you can simply adopt the student for this year. If the name is not found, then you can continue to add the new student record.  You will need to enroll every student by reviewing the contact data and clicking the enrollment link.

6. The third section is Class Reservations - we would like for you to complete this section and sign up each of your students for all the classes they will take.  When you have completed the reservations, you will get a link so you can pre-pay for the entire summer at one time.  When you click on the payment link, you will be taken to or normal payment page.