Leland Yacht Club

History of Sailing School

The LYC Sailing School was started in 1959 in an effort to provide the sons and daughters or children of non-sailing families an opportunity to learn sailing, racing and water safety from a qualified instructor.

It was evident after the successful late 1940's and 1950's that new skippers and crews were on the decline in Leland. An organized sailing school that could provide the students with boats and qualified instruction was needed to ensure that the LYC sailing tradition would continue.

Classes are divided between beginners, and more advanced. Children may begin when they can swim 25 yards in their approved life jacket and are 8 years old.

Students can attend class for the entire summer or for a week at a time while in Leland. Classes are open to all children, grandchildren, or non-member children. Low daily fees are charged.

Many of Leland's top sailors and trophy winners are graduates of the LYC Sailing School and some LYC student and instructors have gone on to teach at larger yacht clubs in Detroit and Chicago.

All parents are encouraged to enter their children in LYC sailing classes so they can learn the basics of water safety, sailing, boat handling and racing. A by-product is the ability to meet other children of their age and become "involved."

To contact Sailing School, phone 231-256-2618 during Sailing School hours, or e-mail lelandyachtclubinfo@gmail.com