LYC Racing Current Registered Skippers

This page shows the currently registered skippers for all LYC sailing events. If you don't find your name and want to be added, please contact

Boat Class Skipper Sail Number Boat Color
Butterfly Allen - Dick, Jane
Butterfly Ambrose, Jack
Butterfly Bardenhagen, Thea
Butterfly Becker, Randy
Butterfly Blatz, W
Butterfly Cory, P
Butterfly Desando, Luke
Butterfly Dorothy Machiels, Lindsay Nash
Butterfly Draper, Mike
Butterfly Durante, Julian
Butterfly Erickson, John
Butterfly Hawkins, Tucker
Butterfly Hearne, James
Butterfly Hearne, Mark
Butterfly Hearne, Sam
Butterfly Irwin, Quinn
Butterfly Johnson, N
Butterfly Johnson, T
Butterfly Maggie, Emma
Butterfly McCarron, Scott
Butterfly McCrory, William
Butterfly Nash, Ben
Butterfly Nash, Lindsay
Butterfly Oetinger, J
Butterfly Owsley, Finnian
Butterfly Owsley, S
Butterfly Paine, Laura
Butterfly Post, Alexia
Butterfly Presley, D
Butterfly Schneider, Zack
Butterfly Siddal, Joey
Butterfly Steel, Biff
Butterfly Steel, William
Butterfly Strietmann, Frances
Butterfly Sutton, Carter
Butterfly Sutton, Walker
Butterfly Three , Students
Butterfly Ulbrich, Twins
Butterfly Ulbrich, Ulrich
Butterfly Voss, Joey
Butterfly Voss, Trey
Butterfly Watkins, Sarah
Butterfly Watkins-Butterfly, William
Butterfly Wellborn, Grace
Butterfly White, Ryan
Butterfly Wilkinson, Annie
Butterfly Wilkinson, Ella
Butterfly Wilkinson, Kit
Butterfly Wilkinson, Libby
Butterfly Workum, Julia Red/Wht/Blu
FJ (Flying Junior) Draper, Chris
FJ (Flying Junior) Martin, Scott
FJ (Flying Junior) Riley, Tom
FJ (Flying Junior) Wilkinson, Bruce
Laser Acker, Justin
Laser Bishop, Brian 169600 White
Laser Blatz, James 234 Green
Laser Brossy, Charles 134990 White
Laser Brossy, Philip 134990 White
Laser Crimmins, Spencer
Laser Grogan, Tom 168853 White
Laser Hazelton, Tom
Laser Heslop, Fred 187132 White
Laser Johnson, Jack 34
Laser Keen, Jeff
Laser Kersch, Patrick
Laser Kersch, Philip
Laser Lindquist, Linda
Laser Lockwood, Ted
Laser Makielski, Sara
Laser Mello, Jim
Laser Moore, Bruce
Laser Nash, Susannah
Laser Nichols, Timothy 57381 White
Laser Northcutt, Allen
Laser Owsley, Mansfield
Laser Pendergast, Tom 132687 White
Laser Petersen, Grant
Laser Pfennig, Mitchell
Laser Phennig, Tom
Laser Powell, Jenny
Laser Ragains, Andrew
Laser Ragains, Jeff 154408 White
Laser Saner, Mike
Laser Strietmann, A. Peter
Laser Strietmann, George
Laser Vilter, Sean
Laser Watkins, Sarah
Laser Watkins - Laser, William 97825 White/USA
Laser Wilkinson, Scripps
Laser Workum, David
Laser Zimmerman, Katy
Nacra 17 Masters, Jon
Sunfish Alessi, Luke
Sunfish Beck, Gregg
Sunfish Boesel, Charlie
Sunfish Draper, Hayward White
Sunfish Earls, Henry
Sunfish Hagedon, Keaton
Sunfish Jameson, Joe
Sunfish Jameson, Kim
Sunfish Lindquist, Caroline
Sunfish Ludwig, Kim
Sunfish Machiels, Dorothy
Sunfish Mello, Jim 75317 Red/Org
Sunfish Nash, Mary Brooke
Sunfish Nash, Susanna Yel/Blu/Pur/Pnk
Sunfish Nowinski, Bruno Red/Wht
Sunfish Powell, Jenny KX 3558
Sunfish Ragains, Sarah Red/Wht/Blu
Sunfish Schmidt, Betsy Pur/Pk/Yel/Grn
Sunfish Siddal, Mark
Sunfish Siddall, Ben
Sunfish Strietmann, Kathryn Skull & Crossbones
Sunfish Strietmann, Linda
Sunfish Strietmann, William Skull & Crossbones
Sunfish Sutton, Sophie
Sunfish Unknown, Pat
Sunfish Watkins, Warren Violet
Sunfish Watkins - Sunfish, Sarah
Sunfish Watkins - Sunfish, William
Sunfish Watts, David
Zuma Johnson, Heidi 2818 Wht/Grn