Leelanau Theme Song PDF

The Leelanau Theme Song

by Art and Hazel Oberhelman

Remember the Picnics we had at the springs,
The sails in the moonlight, the Sunday night sings,
The calm of the lake in the dawn's early light,
Leelanau, Leelanau, Land of Delight.
The blue of the water, the blue of the sky,
The cry of the gulls as they circle on high,
The whitecaps that sparkle, the white clouds above,
Leelanau, Leelanau, land that I love.
Carefree days, starlit nights,
Cherry blossoms, northern lights,
The afterglow when the sun has set,
These are things I'll never forget.
Remember the first early flowers in May,
The scarlet and gold of an October day,
The path of the moon on a still summer night,
Leelanau, Leelanau, Land of Delight.

Leland ycht Club